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錢鐘書 has long been known as a master in literature and philosophy by me. He is that kinda highly educated people from last century, born in wartime China, and read and wrote a lot. Not like contemporary scholars, there is a certain accent in the pieces done by masters like him back then--classy, a bit sarcastic, but vividly described how educated men and women in 20th century thought and acted in their lives.The title of 圍城 has been a metaphor to marriages. Those quarrels between main characters are nothing but typical among even couples living nowadays. Although 錢鐘書 was depicted as a 癡人 by his wife, he was actually very observant to peoples actions and words. His sensitiveness made him a good character builder, and everyone in 圍城 is unique while somehow familiar with people you would meet in life.Aside from the magnificent ability in shaping roles, another reason that makes this book a must-read is the dialogues. Lines and acts from some mandarin movies in 1950s-1980s kept occurring to me when reading this book. People talk differently from different times, and 圍城 perfectly show how Chinese people talked back to 50-80 years ago. Also, it is what the characters didnt say matter to the plot. By reading this book, you can have a glimpse of how the Chinese always read between the lines.Generally speaking, it is like a quick view to a highly educated part of wartime Chinese society rather than a ponderous historic novel. It is a novel anyway, but more light-hearted and closer to real life. Very worth reading.

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